The “Why”

Our vision is to expose Kingdom purpose in people and build a culture-shifting community.

“Love is the greatest commandment. Why shouldn’t it be the center?”

Core Values

Our atmosphere and culture are defined by these values. They are the four cornerstones of our decision-making and help guide us into a healthy future with our business and team.


“Love” is in the center of our name…literally. It is somewhat hidden, but it is in there. It’s who we are, and it’s what we are. It’s what defines us as individuals, defines our relationships, and defines our company. We love our team; we love our customers; we love our community. We love what we do, but more so, we love WHY we do it.


We fully expect our team to intentionally focus on excellence with our communication, processes, and products going out our doors.  Excellence is something everyone has the ability to pursue.  It’s giving 110% effort, being teachable, and working with an attitude of wanting to learn even when things are good.


When things come into question, the world pushes selfish ambition.  We must remain in a mindset of honor and integrity so we can build trust and create relationships in all phases of our business.  We believe the best way to do business is in truth and honor.


It takes a successful team to accomplish anything great.  After our morning announcement and prayer circle, our inner high school basketball days make an appearance and we break it out with a “Go Team”.  We declare each day to move forward in unity and togetherness because we all want to be a part of something great, and we know we can’t go at it alone.

Join our team and be a part of something big