A hat paired up with a custom patch throws boring out the window and gives your headwear fashion statement an exclamation mark. Patches are the ultimate customization option to your hat where creativity can run wild. Let us design and produce your next faux leather, embroidered, woven, or sublimated patch/hat masterpiece.

faux leather

Our faux leather patches are laser etched in extreme detail and come in 21 different colors. Faux leather is an ideal patch type for moderate to complex logos that are easily converted into a single color. We offer 9 stock shapes that can be sewn on while complex shapes are heat press applied.


Embroidered patches are ideal for simple logos with moderate detail and come with a bold merrowed edge border. The minimum order is 100 pieces, and we recommend designing a patch that will complement a few different cap styles/colors to make the most of your patch order.


Woven patches are like embroidered ones but can achieve a higher level of detail and give you a bit more design freedom. Woven patches also feature the merrowed edge and require a 100-piece order.

rubber (pvc)

Rubber patches are a great option for adding extra dimension to your logo making it jump off your cap! These types of patches are created using layers of molds and melted plastic. Once cured, it leaves a vibrant, bold, and durable rubber patch that will definitely stand the test of time. Depending on the situation, they can be sewn on or heat-applied. The minimum order for rubber patches is 100 pieces.


Sublimated patches offer a great solution to more complex logos that contain many colors or gradients.  For these, you’ll find the same merrowed edge like woven and embroidered patches and they also require a 100-piece order.