We have honed our craft with needle and thread and would put our quality up against the best of the best. Ball caps featuring your embroidered company logo are the business card of West Texas and we have stitched hundreds of thousands over the years. Our embroidery will most definitely give you that classic professional look and works great on not only a snapback but on beanies, backpacks, jackets, aprons, and polos as well.


This is the most common form of embroidery and is the most versatile for sure.  Flat embroidery can always be a solution for any and every material, for any type of job.  With this process, the thread is sewn directly to the shirt, bag, or cap material and will have a very 2-dimensional look.  Flat embroidery is most suited for logos that are heavily detailed in nature, contain small lettering, or require multiple thread colors.  You can’t go wrong with flat embroidery to get that classic look that will stand the test of time.


Puff embroidery is a fascinating process and can make your design “puff” it’s chest out a bit!  Simple, 1 to 2 color logos, with larger lettering or numbers are great candidates for 3D puff.   With this process, we place a layer of foam on top of the cap where the logo will be sewn, and the stitches are then sewn through the foam and then through the material.  Once the design is complete, the visible foam is torn off leaving a 3mm raised logo.  Extra care and love are involved with cleaning up the sew out, making the final product look incredibly eye-catching.